How do i upload pictures onto a USB stick?

Answer If you are sticking a USB memory stick into a Mac and you don't see it in the finder window, then the stick is either broken... or there is a chance the Mac doesn't recognize the formatting (or may... Read More »

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How Do I Upload Pictures Onto a Computer?

From Camera or Storage MediaEstablish a connection between the computer and the removable storage device where the pictures are stored. The device may be a memory card, USB flash drive, or a digita... Read More »

Why can't I upload pictures onto craigslist?

if it is a jpeg , and craigslist isn't accepting it .. it is the application or java or on-line system itself which is causing the issue

How many 8-MB pictures can I put onto an 8-GB memory stick?

A gigabyte (often abbreviated as GB) is equal to 1,000 megabytes (MB). Therefore, a memory stick with a capacity of 8 GB can theoretically store 1,000 pictures that are 8 MB in size.References:Wha... Read More »

How to Upload Pictures From an SD Memory Card Onto a Computer?

SD memory cards allow for large volumes of data to be compactly stored. These memory cards also allow for superior data mobility between computers. SD cards are read through a memory card reader th... Read More »