How do i upload pics from my camera to my computer?

Answer Plug the usb cord into the camera and the computer.. Let it load and the computer will prompt you from there. It is simple.

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I have a new dell computer with vista. How do I upload pics from my camera to my computer?

I have a Dell with Vista as well. I'm just able to insert the memory card into the slot (place for memory card should read "SDIMMC" or something similar). For the most part, the computer takes to f... Read More »

Pics wont upload to computer from camera or phone?

Jessica,Since you did not tell us which computer hardware or operating system (and version) you are using, there is not much we can provide in the way of assistance. Any directions for a Macintosh ... Read More »

What would cause a digital camera not to upload pics to a computer with the error code ''The device is not recognized''?

Digital Camera to Computer Error For a computer to recognize a device, software called 'drivers' must be installed. The drivers are specific to the device, and many new devices do not have drivers... Read More »

My boyfriend was trying to upload all my pics onto his laptop & now i cant see them on my camera.?

If you were using a specific uploading software (such as iPhoto), then many of them delete the files as they transfer them. This is one possible reason.Another possible reason is that because you f... Read More »