How do i upgrade my computer drivers?

Answer Since you said you just installed a new 3D accelerator you should have the box, paperwork that came with it. There should also be the 3D accelerator's card maker's web site address.such as www.ati.... Read More »

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How to Upgrade My Computer Drivers?

Drivers are small software applications that allow hardware, such as a printer or monitor, to communicate with your computer so that they run properly together. If a device suddenly becomes problem... Read More »

If you have 4 autos and 4 drivers can you list your 2 teen drivers as part time drivers on 2 of the cars?

Answer Depends on your insurance company. Some require one primary driver to each car if you have 4 cars with 4 people living in the house. But some allow you to list the parents as primary driver... Read More »

How do I update USB drivers on my computer?

A driver is a piece of software that allows your computer to interact with a piece of hardware. In this case, any device you plug into your PC with a USB cable uses a USB driver to communicate with... Read More »

How to Create a Drivers CD for a Computer?

A "driver" file tells a computer's operating system how to use a particular piece of hardware connected to the machine. Creating a drivers CD is a good idea prior to reformatting a computer, allowi... Read More »