How do i unsubscribe from the facebook iq test scam?

Answer Not all applications on the popular social networking site Facebook are as harmless as tending virtual farm animals or pretending you're in the mafia. Unfortunately, some are actually ads cloaked a... Read More »

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How to Unsubscribe Myself from Facebook Notification?

no - its much easier than that ... there are 2 ways 1click the gear tab to the right of your home button'click privacy settings on the far left hand side 5 down click blocking type her name in (it ... Read More »

I want to unsubscribe my yahoo account from facebook because my yahoo account has been hacked?

First,You log into facebook account and Click Settings icon on the top right corner of your facebook account.Then select 'Account Settings'.Then select Apps tab from left side listed.If there,Yahoo... Read More »

How to Unsubscribe from Spam?

Many a good e-mail address has been lost because junk mail becomes so overwhelming that it's easier to simply close the account, or never use it again. If you like your e-mail address, and everybod... Read More »

How to Unsubscribe from Bloomspot?

Bloomspot is a luxury lifestyle website that provides unique limited-time, limited-quantity luxury vacations and services at restaurants, resorts, and spas. Currently the service provides offers in... Read More »