How do i unrestrict a moped?

Answer Muffler Restriction/Air FilterInspect the muffler exhaust pipe to determine restriction. Remove the head pipe and look inside pipe; a restricted pipe will become narrower due to a washer-welded ins... Read More »

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I would like a moped?

You have posted this question, accidentally I am sure, in the UK and Ireland part of Yahoo.In order to post to the US site and to view US questions and answers - 1. Click the United States flag ne... Read More »

How do I buy a moped?

Find out your state's laws regarding mopeds. States have different standards regarding the classification of mopeds as motorcycles. Generally, a moped has to be 50 cc or less.Plan how you are going... Read More »

At what age can i ride a moped?

The minimum age for riding a moped varies. In most states, riders must be at least 15 years old, though Iowa and Ohio permit individuals as young as 14 to ride a moped. Drivers should consult the D... Read More »

How to Derestrict a Sym Moped?

Your Sym moped's speed is restricted by a washer on the front pulley wheel of the moped's variator system. The washer restricts your Sym's speed by limiting contact between the variator belt and th... Read More »