How do i unlock my lg ally because i forgot the password?

Answer Nope.

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How can you can unlock the password on your android if you forgot it?

How do you unlock an ipod touch if you forgot your password?

You Need To: 1 plug your iPod into iTunes 2. press restore (hold down the power off button and the home button) might take a while ~mine took 24 minutes~ then it should be restored now u... Read More »

How do you unlock your ipad 2 if have forgot the password to it?

the space bar is in the usual place it is except it is on the screen. (if you cant find it, it can also be the underscore) hope i helped :)

Is there an iPod classic master unlock code if you forgot the password?

No. If an iPod classic (or any iPod) is passcode locked, and the code is forgotten, one solution is to restore the iPod to factory settings, which will erase the contents of the iPod. The unlock ... Read More »