How do i undo codes for hoverspot after i already erased it?

Answer You say that you entered code to "hide the links".Then you say that you "erased the code".But if your "links still are showing" and they are NOT hidden, which links are you trying to get back??I am... Read More »

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Can a DVD-R be erased?

You cannot erase a DVD-R disc to allow it to hold new data. DVD-R discs contain a reactive dye that changes when a certain type of laser light is applied. The change cannot be reversed. DVD-RW and ... Read More »

How to Restore an Erased File?

Computer files come and go. Files are not often needed forever, so users erase them. This usually entails sending them to the Recycle Bin by either dragging them there or using the "Delete" key. Bu... Read More »

If an MIP is erased from your record can your insurance still go up?

Answer Depends when the violation was removed. If your insurance renewal date occured before the MIP erasure, yes, the rate could increase.

Can stretch marks be erased?

Lotions and creams, combined with diet and exercise, reduce the visibility of stretch marks. Laser treatment removes the top layers of affected skin, allowing new skin to grow in its place. Surgica... Read More »