How do i undo codes for hoverspot after i already erased it?

Answer You say that you entered code to "hide the links".Then you say that you "erased the code".But if your "links still are showing" and they are NOT hidden, which links are you trying to get back??I am... Read More »

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Is it true that after seven years your credit debt is erased?

After seven years, you may request to have negative marks removed from your credit report. However, depending on the statute of limitations on that type of debt in your state, the debt still may be... Read More »

After I install updates to my phone, is there anyway to undo them?

Just had 2 puffs on a cigarette after 4 months of not smoking will this undo every thing ive done?

It depends. Some people are more sensitive to the effects of drugs than others. Just put those 2 puffs behind you, and start Not Smoking again. In my house we have two former smokers; one was ad... Read More »

How to bring your contacts in your iPhone after been erased?

As iPhones are expensive, what you need to do first is be more careful. The next best thing to do is take the iPhone to an Apple store so a qualified Service Technician can find out why the screen ... Read More »