How do i turn on the javascript video screen?

Answer Internet ExplorerGo to Internet Explorer and click "Tools." Select "Internet Options" and when the window opens click on the "Security" tab in the top part of the open window. Select "Custom Level... Read More »

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What can make the youtube screen turn pink and keep someone from seeing a video?

Mine was doing that , I tried to download a flash-player with Internet Explorer and it would not work, switched to Mozilla Firefox, un-installed the stupid Internet Explorer, now everything works g... Read More »

How to Turn on JavaScript?

Some internet sites requires having Javascript enabled. To do so, Please follow the instructions...

How to Turn on Javascript in IE7?

Javascript is a Web scripting language that helps make websites interactive for users, according to If you have Javascript disabled in your IE7 web browser, some pages might not work for ... Read More »

How do I turn on JavaScript on psp?

Turning on JavaScriptTurn on the PSP, and let the home screen load. Select "Tools" by using the "X" button. Go down the tool menu, and choose the "Settings" option. Locate the JavaScript settings f... Read More »