How do i turn off my computer using the keyboard?

Answer Use Alt+F4 to close any programs running already (one press to close one program) NOTE: does not close minimised programs! When all the programs are closed, another press of ALT+F4 will ask if you ... Read More »

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How do you turn someones computer screen round by using keyboard shortcuts?

Hold Ctrl + Alt then press the directional keys on the keyboard... this doesnt work on all computers as it is to do with shortcuts configured in the display driver software.Also you may need to ena... Read More »

When i turn on my computer i get no response from the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. is it the mboard ?

A couple key ways to make sure...1) Does your LCD lights signifying the processor is processing (usually when you start your computer or open a program) flicker at all?2) Do you hear your harddrive... Read More »

How do i turn an iphone into a usb keyboard?

Download the iTap application from the iPhone's App Store and the "Receiver" drivers for the Windows or Macintosh computer to which you will connect the iPhone. Plug the iPhone into the computer wi... Read More »

How do I turn an iPhone into a keyboard?

Mouse and Keyboard iPhone AppsOne of the main benefits of the iPhone is the vast amount of applications available in the App Store that greatly extend the functionality of the device. You can use a... Read More »