How do i turn off my computer using the keyboard?

Answer Use Alt+F4 to close any programs running already (one press to close one program) NOTE: does not close minimised programs! When all the programs are closed, another press of ALT+F4 will ask if you ... Read More »

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How do you turn someones computer screen round by using keyboard shortcuts?

Hold Ctrl + Alt then press the directional keys on the keyboard... this doesnt work on all computers as it is to do with shortcuts configured in the display driver software.Also you may need to ena... Read More »

How to Turn Off Desktop Alerts Using a Keyboard Shortcut in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook pops up a desktop alert whenever you get new email messages. However, if you're giving a presentation, for example, this can be disruptive. Turn off desktop alerts by using a keyb... Read More »

Is using the Turn Off button to turn off your computer harmful?

I don't recommend it. Holding it in for 8 seconds to shut it off can't be good for your motherboard, and power supply. It's also not good for the hard drive, as Windows could become corrupt. Just p... Read More »

How to Connect a Keyboard to a Computer Using USB?

The keyboard is a necessary device for any computer without a touch screen interface. A keyboard is one of the peripherals on a computer that does not require any technical know-how, and can be upg... Read More »