How do i tune my sky remote to change volume points 4 top answer!!!?

Answer Depending on the TV you have that you want your Sky remote to work (because you need a code) the rest step by step guide is below:1 Turn your TV on.2 Press TV on your Sky remote control hands... Read More »

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Do i need to change my tires 10 points to best answer!?

Michelins often last more than 40k miles on passenger cars. Not sure about trucks. Look at the tread. If it's not down to the 'wear bars' you're probably okay.If you're going in from the west, fr... Read More »

Why cant you turn the volume up or down or change channels on your tv or your TVs remote control?

Make sure there is power to the fan, meaning the circuit is hot. Make sure it is turned on! Make sure the batteries in the remote are good.

Important question please answer BEST ANSWER FULL POINTS!?

don't be afraid to smile but if you really don't want to just smile without showing your teeth,as for your hair it should be worn down but out of your face like a half up half down kinda thingyou c... Read More »

Any network engineers want to answer a few simple questions for 10best answer points Basically interviewing u?

What duties do you do in this current job?My current job profile is to handle Technical problems related to hardware & networking. It includes Operating System installation, application installatio... Read More »