How do i transter all my data from my c drive to my e drive?

Answer Learn about Windows Explorer.I recommend that you create a folder on your E drive, named something like "c", using Windows Explorer. Display the folder list on the C drive, and click on C. I woul... Read More »

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My usb pen drive is not functioningHow to retrive or repair USB pen drive or data?

Unless it has a reset button, there's not much you can do, try formatting it, or repairing and if it doesn't work, it's trash.

Recovering data from pen drive?

Power data recovery. Just try it. maybe, you can not recover all data, because formating is a process of overwriting data.

How to Retrieve Data From an Infected USB Drive?

It is possible for any storage device to become infected with a virus. This holds true for your internally installed hard drive and even USB-based equipment, such as an external hard drive or USB f... Read More »

How do i copy data from a floppy to a usb drive?

Insert the DiskPush the floppy disk into the drive on your computer. Connect your USB drive to an available port on the computer. This process works for all types of USB drives, including flash dri... Read More »