How do i transplant a cedar tree?

Answer Choose your cedar tree for transplanting. Younger trees are easier to transplant but almost any size tree can be transplanted if special care is taken. Cedar trees are best transplanted in the late... Read More »

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How do I transplant a wild cedar tree?

Identification and TaggingIn the spring or summertime, when the tree is in full leaf, mark a smallish cedar with paint so that you can find it again.Digging up the TransplantLocate the tagged tree ... Read More »

How Far Do I Plant My Apple Tree From Cedar Trees to Keep Cedar Blotch From Happening?

Homeowners growing apple trees and cedar trees on their property may want to reconsider one of the two types of trees. Apples and cedars must be spaced far apart to prevent cedar blotch cross conta... Read More »

How far do I plant my apple tree from cedar trees to keep cedar blotch from happening?

If no chemical control will be used, apple trees should be planted 4 to 5 miles away from all cedar trees to ensure cedar apple rust and necrotic leaf blotch don't occur. Even with the aid of chemi... Read More »

How to Transplant Red Cedar Trees?

Red cedar trees are popular with gardeners for their pyramidal shape and ability to block wind. Oftentimes, these trees need to be transplanted due to poor soil drainage, proximity to trees with fu... Read More »