How do i transfer videos from my video camera to my mac book air laptop?

Answer You did not tell us which Canon video camcorder.MiniDV tape based camcorders must have a firewire connection. You cannot transfer video from miniDV tape based camcorders to an Air because the Air h... Read More »

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How do i transfer videos from my sony video camera onto my pc?

Wait i did not read your question clearly enough. I believe your using an analog camera. That doesnt have support to connect to a computer since its an old camera. To transfer the files on to the c... Read More »

How do i transfer video from my camera to laptop?

Does it have a usb cable, if so attach it from ur camera to ur pc usb port. Ur computer should ask if you want to upload the pictures or videos.If you don't have a usb cable, purchase a card reader... Read More »

How to upload videos from your video camera onto your dell laptop?

The symptoms you report (the software not starting) tells me that your computer may be underpowered to run the application. Either that or it was not installed properly or some portion of it is som... Read More »

I can't transfer videos from my camera to my computer?

try getting a NLE editing program and use it's import section to get the files from your camcorder.