How do i transfer video to computer using sony handycam 990x camcorder?

Answer This camcorder uses recording media known as the Hi8 tapes, which are recorded in an analog format. Had it of been a camcorder which uses mini DVDs or MiniDV tapes, this would be a quick and easy s... Read More »

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Can I use a USB on my Sony DCR-HC 52 to transfer video from my camcorder to computer?

Even if the camcorder supports USB streaming (sorry, I don't know) the quality's not as good and there are often problems with the audio and video getting out of synch. Since your PC hasn't got on... Read More »

How to transfer video in pc from sony handycam DCR-TRV285E?

The Sony DCR-TRV285 is a Digital8 tape based camcorder.ALL Digital8 tape based camcorders transfer video the same way... just like miniDV tape... Your computer needs a firewire port. If it does not... Read More »

I need to transfer a video from a cassette in a Sony Handycam?

if u plug it in to your tv dvd player (must be dvd r)then play the video cam ans at the same time record it using the dvd r then u can put that dvd in your pc and copy it from the dvd to the pc.hop... Read More »

Sony Handycam - how do you transfer to computer?

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