How do i transfer video from my camera to laptop?

Answer Does it have a usb cable, if so attach it from ur camera to ur pc usb port. Ur computer should ask if you want to upload the pictures or videos.If you don't have a usb cable, purchase a card reader... Read More »

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How do i transfer videos from my video camera to my mac book air laptop?

You did not tell us which Canon video camcorder.MiniDV tape based camcorders must have a firewire connection. You cannot transfer video from miniDV tape based camcorders to an Air because the Air h... Read More »

How to transfer video from mini dv to laptop ?

Hi Maria: Thanks for the Additional Details update, but I'm afraid you are mistaken about the Sony HandyCam software (PicturePackageâ„¢ Software Ver. 1.5) that came with your camcorder. According... Read More »

I want to transfer video from my camcorder to laptop.?

With no port and no expansion slot (PCMCIA or ExpressCard), there is no way to add a firewire (IEEE1394a, DV, i.LINK all the same thing) port.USB-firewire converter adapters will not work.The ONLY ... Read More »

How to transfer DV video footage to laptop computer?

You told us little about the laptop or the Sony HD camcorder. If you are using Vegas, then apparently the laptop is running some flavor of Windows. If you think you need a firewire port, ,then appa... Read More »