How do i transfer games or programs to iPhone?

Answer use the cable that came with your iphone

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How do you transfer games from your computer to the iPhone 4S?

All you have you do is connect it to the computer then just open itunes and drag the apps in to the side where it says something's iphone and tada there we go (doesnt work if there arent apps)

I need to transfer my address book from my blackberry to my iphone and I don't have Outlook Express. I can back up my blackberry but cannot see to transfer to my iPhone Any ideas?

How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to PC With Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS?

Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS is a one-click solution iPhone SMS backup software.You can use it to transfer the backup of iPhone SMS to computer as a txt file or a ANTS file

Can you transfer progress and high scores for Angry Birds from one device to another if you upgrade your iPhone 3Gs to an iPhone 4?