How do i transfer a title when donating a car?

Answer Donating an old car to a charity is a great way to give back. That old clunker may be an eyesore to you, but it can be a godsend to a charity. Not only that, but the tax breaks you can get for the ... Read More »

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Where do i sign the title before donating my car in missouri?

Release ownership of your vehicle by signing Line 1 on the back of the title. If there are multiple owners, each owner must sign unless an "or" conjunction indicates only one signature is necessary... Read More »

Where do I sign the title before donating my car in Louisiana?

A title signature is required on line four, on the right front side of the title. If there is more than one owner stated on the title, they all must sign, except for owners that are separated by t... Read More »

Can you insure a car whose title is under your parents name and then change the name on the insurance to yours if they transfer the title to you?

Probably a state law issue. We have one car where the insurance is ion my wife's name and the car is in my name and nobody ever said anything. I would guess that in some states you can insure the c... Read More »

How to Transfer a Used Car Title?

Each state has varying requirements regarding used car title transfers. In some states, the seller and buyer can conduct this part of the auto transaction privately, but in others, both parties mus... Read More »