How do i transfer a picture from a kodak 3500 digital camera to a computer?

Answer Get ConnectedPlug the small end of the USB cable included with your camera into the corresponding small port on the right side of the camera body. Plug the larger end of the cable into an available... Read More »

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Is it possible to transfer pictures from a Kodak digital camera memory card to your computer?

Answer yes it is possible to transfere pictures from a Kodak digital camrs to your computer HOW?] you have to download an kodak picture app. Just google Kodak for mac

What do you need to transfer a picture from your digital camera to your computer?

The simplest way if your camera contains a memory card is to buy a card reader. These cost a few pounds or dollars and simply plug into your USB port.If you have XP or Vista after plugging your mem... Read More »

How can i take a non blurry picture on my kodak digital camera?

Two obvious things spring to mind.First, increase the ISO setting. I don't know what it's currently on but put it up to 800 or even 1600 and that will get more light into the camera.Then, use flash... Read More »

How do you upload your photos onto your computer from a Kodak EasyShare C613 digital camera?

Normally connecting a USB cable to camera and USB socket of PC, and then switching camera on should open up a dialogue box, where you can select option of "open folder to view file" etc.