How do i tie the bimini twist?

Answer Fold your line in half and loop it around something stable. Twist it about 20 times. Hold the two ends apart and push something between them right up to the twists. You can use your knee, or get a ... Read More »

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How to Tie a Bimini Twist?

A Bimini twist is a fishing knot used to double a light-test line before tying it to a heavier-test line. It is commonly used when tying on leaders when deep-sea fishing or to double the backing li... Read More »

What is a bimini top?

A Bimini top is a lightweight cover stretched over a metal frame that is designed to shield a boat from the sun or rain. It is used to cover the cockpit of a sailboat or the bridge of a power yacht... Read More »

Who owns bimini?

Bimini is actually two small islands--North Bimini island and South Bimini island. They are part of the islands of the Bahamas and are known especially for their excellent sports-fishing and diving... Read More »

How to Waterproof a Bimini Top?

If your bimini top leaks a small amount of water through the fabric, apply a waterproofing agent onto the fabric. This will keep the interior and carpets dry while you're boating in a rainstorm. Th... Read More »