How to Text with Google Voice?

Answer This is an article on how to create a Google Voice account, add contacts, text members, and keep track of communication. This is a really amazing tool when it comes to making sure every member of y... Read More »

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How to Move the 3D Text on Google Sketch Up?

SketchUp is a 3D modeling software developed by Google. The program is designed to work seamlessly to create models for Google Earth, their digital globe, though the modeling possibilities for Sket... Read More »

Google chat text messaging?

Google Voice Text Messages SHOULD appear on all phones...Ask your friend what he typed in the message; maybe he didn't type anything and that is why it is showing a notification? You can get a free... Read More »

How to Send a Text Message Using Google?

You don't need a cellphone to stay in contact with your mobile friends. Simply add them as contacts to your Google Gmail account, and text them right from your Gmail Chat window. Gmail, Google's em... Read More »

Why does it say in the google search engine "JFK" in bold text?

My google search engine just says google...