How do i test resistors?

Answer Shut off power to the resistor. If electricity is flowing, the test will be invalid, and the meter could be damaged.Read the bands on the resistor to determine the value for testing. There are thre... Read More »

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How to Test Resistors?

Resistors regulate the amount of current flowing in an electronic circuit. Resistors present a resistance, or impedance, to the electrical circuit and reduce the amount of current that is allowed t... Read More »

How do I test resistors in a circuit?

Find the Manufactured ResistanceLocate the manufactured resistance written on the resistor. If there instead is a series of colored stripes, utilize the University of Pennsylvania engineering depa... Read More »

Resistors help?

No -- the value of the resistor is very important for correct operation of the electronics.Try for SMD resistors or go to Fry's if you have one nearby.

Do resistors contain silver?

The purpose of a resistor is to slow the electric current in a circuit. To do this, they must consist of poor electrical conductors. These include either solid carbon, or wires of rubber strung tog... Read More »