How do i temporarily disable a sonic wall filtering system at my library?

Answer A sonic wall filtering system is set up on a computer to manage what type of web content is allowed on that computer. If you are the administrator of the computer you control the content that will ... Read More »

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Transfering music from Itunes Library to Sonic Stage Library?

Simple Steps: 1- Open iTunes > Music (On your Right Side) > Highlight All Songs by Simple Clicking on the first Song of the list then Hold "Shift" and Simple Click on the last song > Right Click a... Read More »

How to Temporarily Disable a Pop-Up Blocker?

Pop-up ads can be an annoying distraction while you surf the web. Web browsers come with pop-up blockers, which can prevent all pop-ups from displaying. But not all pop-ups are advertisements. Some... Read More »

How to disable internet connection temporarily?

depending on your computer there is the 1) possible option of blocking internet connection (for mac) setting up a PW for your airport access when you want you can just turn it off and when someone ... Read More »

Can I temporarily disable my facebook account?

hey!you just needa click on settings and then on........and then on the last option deactivate my account!and then they'll show your friends will miss you and bla bla.and then at the end of the pag... Read More »