How do i tell what kind of ram my computer has?

Answer Whether you want to find your computer's RAM manually or use an online scanning program, there are various ways in which you can determine what type of memory your computer is using.Online Scanning... Read More »

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How do I Tell What Kind of Memory Is in My Computer?

The memory in your computer stores all the components of every program you run. When your memory fills up, you have trouble opening more programs without compromising the computer's speed. To solve... Read More »

How do I tell what kind of motherboard a computer has?

Find your computer manual. The only sure way to know your motherboard type is to read it in the computer manual or the motherboard manual itself. If you do not have either manual, call the computer... Read More »

What kind of cable is used for computer to computer transfer?

Easy-transfer USB to USB cables can be used for file transfer. They are much faster and can be used on any Windows XP-based PC running XP, Vista or Windows 7 using a built-in Windows Easy Transfer ... Read More »

How to Tell What Kind of Brakes a Car Has?

When ordering brake parts for your car or truck, you will be asked if it has disc or drum, power or anti-lock brakes. It is possible to make the determination of your car's brakes without jacking u... Read More »