How do i tell the difference between male&female chicks?

Answer You can purchase chicks from a feed store or a hatchery, and can raise them as pets, or for the family table. If you purchased chicks for laying eggs, you may wonder if any of your chicks are femal... Read More »

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How do i tell the difference between male&female barred rock baby chicks?

SpotsExamine the shape and distribution of the lightly colored spots that each chick has. Females will have more even and defined spots whereas the males will have larger, abnormally-shaped spots. ... Read More »

How to Use Incubators for Chicks?

Raising chickens is no problem if you have hens that sit on their own eggs, but sometimes chickens are temperamental and just won't do it. This can occur because the hen is young or wasn't raised w... Read More »

How to Keep Chicks from Getting Harmed?

if you want to keep your baby chickens alive and healthy follow these simple instructions carefully

How to Look After Baby Chicks?

Just like any pet, baby chicks are adorable and lovable. But they're also a handful! Here's a guide to taking care of baby chicks.