How do i tell if dwarf hamsters are in heat?

Answer Determine the hamster's age. Dwarf hamsters can begin to breed as early as five weeks of age, though it's not advisable to breed that young.Look for blood around the female hamster's genitals. All... Read More »

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How big are dwarf hamsters?

Dwarf hamsters typically reach a size of between two to four inches long. Other adult hamster breeds are typically 8 to 12 inches long. Dwarf hamsters may be considered an adult at six to eight wee... Read More »

What can dwarf hamsters eat?

Dwarf hamsters require only a small amount of food (about two tablespoons daily). They can have fairly varied diets although there are a few foods to avoid. Make sure to feed them in the evening as... Read More »

How do I tame dwarf hamsters?

Place something you own inside your dwarf hamster's cage so he gets accustomed to your smell. Visit his cage often, talking to him quietly. Do this for a few days or longer, until he's comfortable ... Read More »

How to Introduce Two Dwarf Hamsters?

Many people think that you can put any old dwarf hamster in with another... No, this is a huge mistake.