How do i tell if a budgie is male or female?

Answer Wait until the budgie is older than eight months. It is nearly impossible to sex baby budgies without a DNA test.Look at the cere on the face of the budgie. This is the fleshy part at the base of t... Read More »

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How to Tell If a Budgie Is Male or Female?

Male and female budgies can look alike unless you know what to look for when sexing them. One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between mature male and females budgies is to look at the ce... Read More »

What age can a female budgie start having babies?

when she is old enough to have her period and has a sheman boygirlfriend

Is it best to have 2 female dogs or a male&a female?

On One Hand: Same Sex Dogs Compete For Social RankAdding another dog to your household requires careful consideration of several factors, as temperament, breed and age influence the outcome. Howeve... Read More »

If your a 17 year old male living in Britain and your in love with a 14 year old female which the feeling is mutual on both sidesand she falls pregnantdoes the 17 year old male go to prison?

Answer yes only if the parents press charges on you because a person 17 and older is not allowed to have sex with some one younger than them unless the parents say its ok for that child to.If the p... Read More »