How do i tear down a pool table?

Answer When moving a pool table from one location to another it is advisable to tear it down or disassemble it so that all pieces have adequate protection on their journey to the new location. The slate w... Read More »

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How do you tear down a swimming pool?

Answer This question can't be answered properly without knowledge of the swimming pool construction, but in general the superstructure would be tackled by normal demolition methods. These would inc... Read More »

Is there a company that will come to your house set up an above ground pool service it and then tear it down after the summer?

Answer I would think a handyman sort might set it up for you and you would have to hire a pool service to service it. Or call a few pool service companies in your area and see what they say.You mig... Read More »

Can you shoot down the table in a game of pool?

Players are permitted to shoot down the table in a game of pool. The only two restrictions shooters face are which balls they can hit, which depends on the rules of the game, and which pocket they ... Read More »

How do I fix a tear in leather on a kitchen table chair?

Go into the bath room and take a health schitt reach in there pick up a closes match to the leather color smear onto crack sit there approx 30 45 minute while you continue to fart this will ensure ... Read More »