How do i take these GNC hair,skin,nails vitamins?

Answer If it says "take 2 tablets per day" (or something just like that), then it doesn't matter how far apart you take them as they can be taken together or as two separate doses of one pill each. If it ... Read More »

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Do you take any Vitamins, Supplements etc ?

no...none at all..i prefer the fresh air of the outdoors... i don't drink much and have never smoked... and I do think at the tender age of 38... I'm still quite fit and healthy.

Can a dog take people vitamins?

On One Hand: "Human" Vitamins are Formulated for HumansVitamins and minerals such as selenium, Vitamins E and C, and B complex are essential to canine health, according to the University of Florida... Read More »

Can I take my vitamins on an airplane?

Yes, you can take vitamins on an airplane. The Transportation Security Administration encourages travelers to keep vitamins in their original, clearly labeled containers to cut down on the time nee... Read More »

Can a senior take prenatal vitamins?

Yes, they can. In fact they are often prescribed for seniors when they have low iron levels. They can contribute to constipation, so precautions should be taken to avoid this.