How do i take the extension tube off my lens?

Answer Have you bought something that was packaged in hard form fitting plastic lately? Get that plastic from the trash bin and cut a half-inch wide strip that's stiff enough to insert between the lens an... Read More »

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How to Remove Your Lens Extension Tube Adapter?

Extension tubes allow you to take some pretty close up shots. They screw together, but the adapter that fastens onto your camera body doesn't. Read this article to learn how to take it off.

Macro Extension Tube for Nikon D3200?

The inexpensive macro lenses will work, but you will have to put the camera into fully manual mode. And the aperture cannot be adjusted from the lens itself, so you will not have much control over ... Read More »

Is there any compatible extension ring or tube for NEC infrared camera?

Which camera in particular, NEC make a range of IR/thermal cameras, most (all possibly) have lenses that are fixed to the camera body.If you have one with a removable lens then extension tubes with... Read More »

How do you attach an extension tube macro ring to a Nikon camera?