How do i take off the history of wat ive seen on google.?

Answer Tools options. Delete cookies. Delete files. Clean history.

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How do I fix this now I can't delete my google history from the google search bar?

reinstall the your browser!a way to delete your history from your computer (idk if it deletes it from the program)1. goto start > Run > type "CMD.EXE"2. black screen appears3. Type "IPCONFIG /DISPL... Read More »

WTF Anybody else seen the black google?

YES, and I think it is awsome that they are doing that for EARTH HOUR. Dont forget, it is from 8pm-9pm in your local time zone... anywhere in the world. Turn off all your lights during that time, c... Read More »

Have you seen your house on Google streetview yet?

Nah we wont be on up here for at least 150 years, it's grim oop north!

What is the best thing you`ve seen on GOOGLE EARTH ?

I was looking with my 83 year old grandad and he was showing me all the places he used to live in Leeds and the surrounding area and we found a plane mid flight! that was quite cool!