How do i take good close up photos of jewelry to sell?

Answer Experiment with different backgrounds depending on the style of jewelry. Look at examples of jewelry pictures that you like. For a rich, traditional effect, use red or black velvet. A modern feel c... Read More »

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How to Take Good Close-Up Photos of Jewelry to Sell?

Clear pictures are essential to a successful sale. Since buyers will not see your jewelry in person before purchasing, detailed, informative photos are the best way to represent style, condition, s... Read More »

How can i take good close-up pictures of jewellery with 5 mega pix digital camera, to sell on ebay.?

They should be OK in MACRO mode, that's what it's for. But try using zoom so you can get farther away from the subject. Then crop the shot in the computer.

How to Take and Sell Celebrity Photos?

Anyone can join the paparazzi with a camera and a little ingenuity. Have you caught a celebrity in an embarrassing situation? If you have a camera you may be able to sell the pictures for hundreds ... Read More »

I have a Nikon D60. How do I take photos where the close-up subject and background are both in focus?

You need to learn about Depth of Field (DOF). This site will help:…There are only three factors that affect your DOF:1) The focal length of the lens.2) Th... Read More »