How do i take facebook account off flixster?

Answer If it link to your aunts account. You gotta be logn into her account. And go into her settings add and remove. Its will be in apps... Then it will be unlink from your aunt facebook. Then you should... Read More »

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How to Keep My Google Facebook Account & Delete My Yahoo Facebook Account?

Facebook's social networking website relies on a connection with one of the user's email addresses in order to receive notifications about activity on the user's profile and as a username for loggi... Read More »

Can you delete a facebook account permanently and open another account using the same email address?

Technically, yes. Because no personal data of yours should remain saved.

Is there an easy way to copy photos from my gmail account to my facebook account?

David,We just started web site called which tries to address this problem. I'm not aware of any other service doing this. Showzey will go trough your Gmail mailbox and transfer all ... Read More »

If i send Messages to my facebook contacts are they gonna show on my facebook account?

No it's not gonna show up in your Timeline