How do i take care of an endless summer hydrangea?

Answer Endless Summer hydrangea shrubs offer several months of flowers, blooming from early summer right up to the first frost. The large blooms can turn pink or blue, depending on what's in your soil. To... Read More »

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Why Isn't My Endless Summer Hydrangea Blooming?

Endless Summer hydrangeas are a variety of the popular hydrangea family appropriate for cold weather growth. It grows well and survives the snowy winters of St. Paul, Minnesota where the Endless Su... Read More »

Can you cut back an endless summer hydrangea?

Endless summer hydrangeas are a type of hydrangea that blooms well in the northern states. These hydrangeas are a type of mophead hydrangea. As a general rule, you don't have to cut back (prune) mo... Read More »

How many plants of Endless Summer hydrangea should be planted together?

There is no minimum or maximum number of Endless Summer hydrangeas that can be planted together, as long as there is space for light and air between the mature plants. The Endless Summer hydrangeas... Read More »

How do i prune endless summer hydrangea bushes?

Prune your endless summer hydrangeas once a year in late winter or early spring. This particular hydrangea has the ability to bloom on both old and new wood, meaning that the flower buds appear on ... Read More »