How do i take a snapshot of what i see on my computer screen?

Answer Simple, Print Screen SysRq Button. then Copy and Paste it into Paint. Then save the file.

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How do i do a snapshot of my computer screen (windows xp)?

"Prnt Scn"/"Print Screen"Go to the Paint application.Hit "Ctrl+V" to paste it.You can crop what you want.Hit "Ctrl+C" to copy it."New Document" (or whatever) under "File".Ctrl+V into the new doc.:-)

How do you taka a snapshot of your screen with android phone?

In some countrys it is because alot of people get killed from that.

Can you take a snapshot on a motorola atrix 2?

If you still run on Gingerbread 2.3.x???????/ yes----- just root the phone and get a screenshot it app.....if you run on ICS 4.x or higher, Screenshot is built in now.... hold down VOL down button ... Read More »

How do you take a snapshot on google maps?

Just view whatever it is you want to view and press the "Prt Scrn\SysRq" key to the right of F12.This will put an screenshot of your entire screen onto the clipboard. Paste it into mspaint or photo... Read More »