How do i take a pee with a hard-on!?

Answer When a male has an erection, the erection triggers the prostate gland - which controls the flow of semen and urine - the the prostrate gland sets the urethra to pass semen, whilst it blocks the uri... Read More »

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If you take an old computer and redo it to a new one with new hard drives what would be a going price for it?

Mary, My son and I built 2 computers, about 5 years ago. Thefirst one was from a computer store, where you could new orrepaired parts. Cost 722.00. My son really liked it, so help me build one and ... Read More »

If I take out a hard drive preloaded with windows and programs etc. and put it into another pc, will it work?

No it will NOT work.If you did it it would either hang at the start of the bootor it will blue screen straight away on you.This because the OS will not recognise the motherboard or BIOSnor any of t... Read More »

I had problem with hard disk. i had a external hard drive. can i run my win 7 32 bit pc without hdd?

From what i've read , unless you buy an adapter to put your external into the computer, then no, you cannot use the external drive.

I'm 13, and i cant take naps. Even if I try really hard. I just can't take naps. WHY is this normal?

ofcourse it's normal.ur just so full of energy ur body doesn;t need a rest.dont worry, it's normal!