How do i switch to a usb keyboard?

Answer PS/2 to USBUSB is supplanting the older PC keyboard connection known as PS/2. Unlike PS/2, USB is hot-swappable, meaning you can plug it in while the computer is running. Older operating systems (p... Read More »

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How to Switch to a Dvorak Keyboard Layout?

The Dvorak keyboard layout, designed for speed and efficiency by Dr. August Dvorak in the 1930s, can increase typing speed and decrease finger fatigue. It places all the vowels in the left hand of ... Read More »

Is it possible to switch between two computers using the same keyboard and mouse?

Will the FireFly Borealis keyboard work with a KVM switch?

The FireFly Borealis keyboard connects via USB, so it is compatible with any KVM switch that supports USB. KVM switches let you use the same keyboard, mouse and monitor on two computers.References:... Read More »

How to Clean a Rusty Keyboard Switch Board?

A keyboard switchboard is also known as a circuit board; like anything else, it can become dirty over time. While rust on a switchboard can mean it is no longer usable, it is always worth a shot to... Read More »