How do i store rare magazines so they will stay in mint condition?

Answer Place a piece of paper inside the front cover. Wrap the paper around to the back cover to prevent sticking.Place the magazines in plastic bags to keep out moisture, mold and dust.Stack the magazine... Read More »

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Do the chemicals you see advertised in gardening magazines claiming they will keep snakes out of your yard really work?

Keep Snakes Out of YardTry using sulfur.Don't know re sulfur and am not a pro, but have had copperheads in and around our yard. Black snakes are not poisonous and keep copperheads at bay. Snakes kn... Read More »

Who puts the magazines on the shelves in a store?

Magazines are put on the shelves by stock clerks and cashiers. Stock clerks are in charge of keeping the shelves filled with products but do not work at the cash registers, according to the Bureau ... Read More »

Do daylilies spread or will they stay in one clump?

Daylilies spread quickly, however, as they spread, they form in clumps. Approximately, every three years, daylilies need to be separated so they don't get too crowded. To separate, pull the clump... Read More »

A catering company is buying equipment in order to set up their own store They have a choice of two ovens that they can purchase for the store The used oven is 100 less than the new oven but it?