How do i stop wheezing by a breathing technique?

Answer You can try the following drug has no effectSymbio Turbuhaler 60 suction / bottle / day; Renault Court 120 spray / support, 64ug / sooner or later, change sides; open loratadine half tablets / day,... Read More »

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Do you practice Buteyko breathing technique How much CP you get?

Hi there! My name is Don and I learned Buteyko a bit over 8 years ago. When I started, my CP was 8 seconds. I had severe asthma and allergies. My CP is currently 45. I was able to get my CP to... Read More »

How to Heal With Crystals Using the Fire Breathing Technique?

A simple and powerful way to charge crystals with life force energy.

Don't you think correct breathing technique can resolve many of our problems?

There is a saying that goes” Life is breath and breath is life”. So long as there is breath in the body there is life. Our physical health, mental balance and emotional stability are ... Read More »

How can i make my husband stop snoring without making him stop breathing?

first try the nose strips.then send im to s a sleep specialist. some people have bad sleep apnea, and they have to wear a special mask.that will work for sure, but you have to go to a sleep doc.sle... Read More »