How do i stop the pop ups on my computer?

Answer Install, and run a full scan with this free program: install a pop up blocking add-on into your browser.…http://www.go... Read More »

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My brother won't stop changing my linux computer password, how to stop?

What disto are we talking about? What password as we talking about? The Admin password? A user password? Your email password? ???You should have used full disk encryption when or before you install... Read More »

How can i get my butt off the computer and stop my computer addiction?

To stop computer ediction (1)first thing to do is take some extra time to do other things. Like have food slowly, take bath for some extra time like 5 -10 min more.(2)Pay more attention to ur other... Read More »

Stop pop-ups on my computer?

download and install a hosts file which denies access to advertising sites

How can I stop BT Messing up my computer?

That sounds like you have some malware or a Virus.You should run a full virus & malware scan to check for problems.What AV program are you running? Is it up to date?