How do i stop the memory test when booting my pc?

Answer it did me !!!!!!! was the RAM in his case may be ram memory, super-heating of the processor or source of energy to defect. I have a great suggestion ..... tries this must test the memories... Read More »

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How do I Stop a Dell Motherboard Searching for a Second Hard Drive on Booting Up?

If your Dell motherboard is searching for a non-existent second hard drive during the boot process, this means that your primary boot device is set to this hard drive. Your Dell motherboard will co... Read More »

G1 practice test help: You and another car stop at a non-stop/non-traffic light intersection at the same time.?

The answer is simple - if you see the car on your right then they have the right-of- way. (Note the term right-of-way). If you see them to your left then you are on their right. The right side refe... Read More »

How do I test memory in XP?

The memory of a computer helps it process vital information, such as program processes and operating system processes. A great program for testing RAM (random access memory) in XP is called Prime 9... Read More »

How to Test DDR Memory?

DDR memory stands for Double Data Rate memory. This essentially means that two bits of data transfer per cycle, twice as fast as previous versions of random access memory (RAM). Computers require a... Read More »