How do i stop ribbons from fraying?

Answer Step 1Cut the ribbons using fabric scissors to the desired length and shape.Step 2Slightly melt the cut ends with a lighter. Hold the ribbon above the lighter and move it back and forth very quickl... Read More »

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How to Stop Hair Ribbons Fraying?

Hair ribbons are beautiful additions to hair. They can match the colour of your clothes, the colour of your mood, or just be in your favourite colour. But the moment they start fraying, they look t... Read More »

How to Use a Soldering Iron to Stop a Ribbon From Fraying?

Fraying ends can destroy ribbon effects and make ribbon adornments look shabby in a short time. Synthetic ribbon can be heated at the ends to actually melt the material slightly and prevent fraying... Read More »

How to Stop Fraying on Flannelette Shirts During Washing?

Nice, neat pocketFlannelette shirt pockets can fray easily during washing. This easy fix will enable you to stop this problem and keep the shirt in good, wearable shape for a lot longer.

My hair is breaking and fraying, what should I do?

Put a thick cream leave in conditioner on it after each time you shower. Also straightening your hair helps the natural oils move down the hair shaft, use a mild conditioning shampoo very lightly s... Read More »