How do i stop popups while iam on net it makes my computer slow?

Answer Popup blockers, such as the Yahoo and Google toolbars, will only stop web based popup advertising. They can help somewhat but will do nothing to stop popups on a computer that is badly infected wit... Read More »

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What Makes a Computer Slow Down?

Computers slow down for numerous reasons and waste time, resources and reduce efficiency. The two most important parts of a computer system that control and affect its speed are the processor (CPU ... Read More »

What makes a computer fast or slow?

Many variables cause a computer to run fast or slow. The speed of a computer is determined by the amount of gigahertz it contains. According to, "Megahertz and gigahertz are used to measu... Read More »

My computer is slow after leaving it on for while or multi-tasking?

add memory and make sure its getting enough airflow through the case and not heating up..

Norton scanner makes computer slow when scanning ?

This most likely indicates that Norton is using a majority of your CPU while it scans, leaving other programs very little CPU power.Norton has been known for that for several years as it is a prett... Read More »