How do i stop myself from eating so much when i have the munchies?

Answer Once my husband and I had such bad munchies we ate a can or corn beef hash and at the time it was the besttttttt ever....try munching on veggies. You can't avoid it lol

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How do I stop myself from binge eating?

Binge eaters consume very large amounts of food, even when they are not hungry, and continue eating long after they are full. There are many facets to this disorder, one of which is an unhealthy pe... Read More »

How do I stop myself from worrying so much about aids and hiv?

It is very rare for heterosexuals to get - the homo lobby just wanted everyone to think that in order to raise more money.Quit worrying about it!

How can I stop myself from thinking that I'm so much better than everyone else is, all of the time?

You're not better than Will Arnett and Amy Poehler... they dump jet fuel on their single friends and call up endangered species on the phone.... or whatever.

Is there any way to stop women from eating so much and getting too fat to love?

I already feel horrible about the 2 lbs. I gained! OMG! will you ever let up??!!