How do i stop my yorkie puppy from biting me?

Answer The Yorkshire Terrier was bred in the mid 1800s in England to be an avid ratter in the mines and woolen mills. This breeding gave the yorkie its natural instinct to bite, chew and nip. Unfortunatel... Read More »

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How to Stop Puppy Biting?

Stop puppy bitingLearn how to stop puppy biting fast and effectively with the following free tips and advice.

How can I stop a puppy from biting?

When you brought your cute little puppy home, you likely had thoughts of curling up on the couch together, exchanging kisses, and spending endless hours cuddling and snuggling. Instead, you've got ... Read More »

How do I stop my puppy from biting everything?

Puppies are notorious for putting anything and everything in their mouths. From shoes to sofas, puppies don't seem to stop. You can stop your puppy from biting everything with consistent training m... Read More »

When should a puppy stop biting?

Puppies learn most of what is called "bite inhibition," or the ability to control biting habits, from their mothers. There is no specific age that a puppy will stop biting. This comes with training... Read More »