How do i stop my sony tv from blinking?

Answer I have the same problem... and found this site that has an easy fix: turning a switch inside...I haven't tried it yet but will do it tomorrow...…

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How to Understand the Sony Blinking Codes?

When using a Sony television system, you may notice the standby light blinking a specific rythym. This is a signal code that helps programmers know what the problem is, without ever adjusting the t... Read More »

Sony trinitron tv 32 inch standby light blinking issues?…Here is a good starting point for you.

How do i get my VCR to stop blinking 12:00?

did u said a VCR??? do they still exist???

How can i stop blinking so much?

What this is a tick, a tick is when you have to do drives you to do it, as you said, try not to think of it this can fall under anxiety too and obsessive compulsive disorder, google it to l... Read More »