How do i stop my monitor turning off to quick it turns off every 10 minutes?

Answer Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > ScreensaverIf you have no screen saver turned on, go to the power settings, and alter how long it takes before things shut down (you can set them all to... Read More »

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My computer is turning itself off and on again every few minutes, these last two hours. Any ideas... :) ?

As most of the responses have said it could be that your computer is overheating, have you checked your fan to see if it is operating correctly? sounds like the processor or motherboard is overheat... Read More »

Lately I've been smoking every 5 minutes and can't stop..?

Don't quit now. I suggest reading site has a poor design but its contents is very reach.

Quick Ten points how can i stop my hair getting oily so quickly i have to was it every day?

wash it every other day, and eventually it won't be so greasydon't touch it a lot, it makes it more greasyif you blow dry it, it stays less greasy, but do it with a hair brush in handdon't use a lo... Read More »

How do you get rid of ESPN on my dam cell phone I keep getting messages every few minutes im sick of these messages please help me to find a way to stop them on my cell phone?