How do i stop my eye for stinging?

Answer It is important that you get the deoderant out and that means washing your eye out with water. Not splashing but holding your eye open and flushing it out with water. If you cannot do this and no o... Read More »

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How do i stop the stinging?

Hmm it shouldn't be hurting this long but ice is probably your best bet. Ice might sting at first because it's so cold but after like 3 mins of it being on there, your skin gets used to it. Try goi... Read More »

What will make a carpet burn stop stinging any good ideas?

Put on vaseline. It will soothe it and take away the sting. I have had them many times and this is the remedy for me.

Do red wasps die after stinging?

All wasps, including red wasps, do not die after stinging. It is interesting to note that male wasps, also called drones, do not have stingers. Female worker wasps are the defenders of the wasp col... Read More »

First Aid for Stinging Nettles?

Common nettles, garden nettles and hybrid nettles are all referred to as stinging nettles because they are covered with small hairs that release pain-causing chemicals on contact, according to the ... Read More »