How do i stop cell phone telemarketers?

Answer National Do Not Call RegistryRegister for free with the National Do Not Call Registry if you wish to stop receiving calls from telemarketers. You can do this for your home number and cell phone nu... Read More »

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How do i block cell phone calls from telemarketers?

Your ProviderCall your cellular phone service provider's customer service number. Give the operator the phone number of the telemarketer that is calling you. Your service provider will then block t... Read More »

How do you get rid of ESPN on my dam cell phone I keep getting messages every few minutes im sick of these messages please help me to find a way to stop them on my cell phone?

Is it legal for telemarketers to call cell phones?

Telemarketers may call your cell phone only if they dial the number by hand, rather than by automated machine. Federal law prevents telemarketers from using dialing machines to call cell phones due... Read More »

Laws on Telemarketers Calling Cell Phones?

As more and more of the general public have their own personal cellular phones and cellular phone numbers, telemarketers are targeting cell phone numbers to make sales calls. However, the governmen... Read More »