How do i stop biting down on my teeth while i sleep?

Answer Try a mouth guard and see how that works. If not, call up your dentist and mention that this is happening and that you are worried.

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How do I stop biting/picking my lips and biting the inside of my mouth Help!?

Set up a lot of hot dates with people you'd want to make out with. That should give you the motivation to quit.... no one wants to kiss someone with scabby, dry, peeling lips!

Why do I grind my teeth in my sleep and how can I stop?

I am a dental lab technician who will be a dentist in a few years. That said, I am not speaking as a dentist trying to sell my or another persons services. I speak as a person who has this same p... Read More »

How can I stop grinding my teeth I do it without thinking and even in my sleep.?

There are little things you can buy that you out over your teeth to prevent you from grinding them.

Should I get anthesisa(sleep) while taking wisdom teeth out or be awake Have you got it done before?

It all depends on the state of your wisdom teeth. Are they impacted? Or do they just need to come out? If they are impacted it may take some doing to get them out. (The top teeth will be easier... Read More »