How do i stop being addicted to soda?

Answer My brother is the same way with mountain dew. Drink plenty of water and milk, and if you still feel like you need to try a cookie or something. It will seriously help! Just don't go getting fat off... Read More »

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Have I become addicted to soda?

You're dependent on caffeine, along with more than half the adults in the country.There's nothing wrong with that. People have a knee-jerk reaction to the work addiction, but really the only diffe... Read More »

I'm 13, I'm addicted to caffeine and diet soda, I never drink water?

Sunkist is good but the truth is that you should dump this in favor of fruit juice and vegetable juice. They are very tasteful and I imagine you'll' like them more than water, which you should be d... Read More »

How to Stop Being Addicted to Food?

Food addiction, like any other type of addiction, and can take over a person's daily routine. In many cases, those suffering from food addiction not only eat too much, but constantly think of eatin... Read More »

Why am I addicted to cutting myself And how do I stop?

please stop, this is the most important time. I know its into easy but you can there several ways of distraction. You can make a glitter jar and when the urge to cut comes around just shake it and... Read More »